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Application Follow Up

Explorer C

I applied for a PT Ramp Agent position in LAX. Is there any way I can get a number or email so I can follow up? I am really excited about this job opportunity and I want to try an stand out. Im sure LAX Southwest is very competitive.


Re: Application Follow Up

Frequent Flyer A

Southwest is very competitive in their hiring and it is natural to be excited about any opportunity to work for this great company. However, Southwest receives so many applications for every position that's it's unlikely that a phone number or e-mail address would be given out to applicants. The People Department would be overwhelmed by calls and e-mails and could not do their job of selecting the best candidates.

If you are fortunate enough to be selected for a phone interview, that would be your first chance to "stand out." Learn all you can about the company, its history, and, most important, the "Southwest Spirit."

If you impress during the phone interview, you will be invited to a face-to-face interview. If the interview is at the airport, meet as many Southwest People as you can. That way, if you aren't selected for this position, you will hopefully stand out for other positions that may come open.

In all honesty, the ramp is the best job at the airport, especially in L.A. You get paid for getting tan and fit! Good luck to you!