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Application Issues

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I applied on the 23rd of Sept and there were so many technical errors. 

My name is Raynel Scott. On the 23rd of Sept I applied for the FA position and had many technical difficulties. Not only was it hard to get in but the system would skip over the steps. Some of my answers that I already put would be erased. When I got back in and it would reappear. 
As of today and many others have received an email from recruiting that we would not be able to move forward. It stated that it is because the information on my application did not meet the minimum requirements as mention in the description on the website.
Is there anyway you can assist me? 

Re: Application Issues

Explorer A

Did you receive a confirmation email from SW that your application had been received?  I wouldn't worry.  In many cases, especially for the application process for a position that could take months, even a year, no news is good news.


Re: Application Issues


Hi Raynel. I'm so sorry to hear this! Unfortunately, we are unable to modify your responses to the prescreening questions, and cannot change the result here. However, we are currently hiring for Customer Service positions if you're interested. That would allow you to join the Southwest Family and gain valuable insight ahead of the next Flight Attendant posting. Again, I apologize that you were unable to move forward at this time.

Hi! I am one of the Moderators for the Southwest Careers board. See you around the Community!

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Re: Application Issues

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I received an email & a phone call for my start date, but I have not yet received an email on where I would go. I now believe my account has been hacked since I did not receive an email where I would go for training 

Re: Application Issues

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@only1raynel  sorry to hear that because of technical issues beyond your control, you missed out on the opportunity. Fingers crossed you have a better experience next time. 

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