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Application Not Showing in Dashboard

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I applied for the R-2023-23865 Customer Representative position on May 17, 2023, and received email confirming i completed the application at 1:23 PM. I created a candidate home account, but when I enter the account, it states I have no applications on file. Is this normal or an error? I have included a web capture of my candidate home and application email.
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Re: Application Not Showing in Dashboard


Hi there, @JenileeAce28!


Thanks so much for reaching out and for your application to the Customer Representative posting! I took a closer look, and I do see that we received your application, and it is pending review on our end. Our Recruiting Team should begin the review process soon, and then we'll begin inviting qualified Candidates to interviews. All updates will be sent via email - the same email address you received that application confirmation email. 


Just hang tight for now, Jenilee! Wishing you the best of luck!