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Application Process

Explorer C


I'm sure this is one of the most asked questions and although I've looked through other post regarding this subject I keep getting the same post.


By  joining SouthWest's Talent Community  I'm under the impression I will get a alert when they start excepting applications.  In joinging it asked me for my current employer which I do not have. my concern is, will this keep me from being a potential canidate from the get go?  I have put together what I think to be the best resume giving my background which certainly covers customer service, disgruntle employees, etc.  My concerns is my past 10 years of employment and how being unemployeed is viewed?  Through 2012/2013 I had been employeed with same company for 8 years but for the past 5 years I have dealt with circumstances beyond my control of which I have just resolved.  I've been volunteering since 2013 which I added to my resume.


I'm just worried, concerned of how being unemployeed could affect my chances of getting a interview.  I will add that I have Letters of Recomendation from former employers that reflect the type employee I am, hoping that helps.


If anyone could please let me know I would be forever greatful.  Another question, although they are not hiring do they ever pull resumes as a "as needed" basis?






Re: Application Process

Frequent Flyer A

Hi Mel.


Depending on the position you're applying for, being unemployed probably will not effect your chances of getting an interview at Southwest. Obviously many positions at the corporate office require having current work experience by their nature, but most airport positions (Customer Service Agent, Ramp Agent, Operations Agent, etc.) do not. I was unemployed for a period and was contacted for several positions at Southwest.

As part of their hiring process, Southwest conducts a thorough 5-year background check. Since you have not been employed during this period, I suggest you put together a very detailed timeline describing your activities and whereabouts during this time, including numerous references that Southwest can check.

I doubt that Southwest pulls resumes on an "as needed" basis because they never have a problem attracting the talent that they need by posting open positions on-line.

Are you open to any opportunity at Southwest or do you have a certain position that you are seeking?

Re: Application Process

Explorer C

Thank you for responding back.  I have been employed over the past 5 years however a couple of have been temporary and one where I was there year and half 2016 - 2017 there was a conflict with the owners wife and wanted the lady who I replaced who had been there 19 years wanted her back.  Needless to say the owners wife made the situation unabreable and I'm no longer there.  I will say my resume that I go by when applying, copy and paste is very detailed with my background in customer service within accounting and human resources.


As far as other positions, I'm open.  I live near RDU, Raleigh, NC however with a FA position I realize the chances of being out of RDU is a long, very long shot.  I have friends who have been with other airlines, 1 driving out of Charlotte for about 15 years before that she was out of Boston for about 10 years.


Other than FA positions, I would love Customer Service but I would be open to other positions long as I could commute or was a situation where there was housing like with FA, crash pad??


Are you a FA?


Thank you again for replying and look forward to hearing back.



Re: Application Process

Frequent Flyer A

I'm not a Flight Attendant but I've worked in the airline industry since 1997 in several different areas.

Since you live in Raleigh/Durham, your best nearby opportunities with Southwest are Customer Service Agent or Operations Agent positions at RDU. These are both airport jobs at the ticket counter and gates. If you're up for it, a Ramp Agent position (working outside on the ramp around the planes) would be another possibility.

The nearest Southwest FA bases to RDU are at Atlanta and Baltimore/Washington, but both are fairly "senior" from what I've read. It's more likely that as a new hire FA you'd be based somewhere in the west like Denver or Las Vegas, which would require moving or commuting and staying at a crash pad as you mentioned. If I were based in Denver, I'd seriously consider moving there as it's a great city to live in and it's grown into a huge Southwest hub. Just my two cents.

I highly recommend that new airlne employees be open to moving around as there are more career opportunities that way. I'm originally from Dallas but have lived and worked in three other cities during my career. However, if it's not practical for you to leave Raleigh-Durham, you can still have a decent career there.

I hope you find your calling at Southwest. It's a great company with great People! Good luck to you.