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Re: Application Status

Explorer A

Good afternoon 

I applied on the 5th for a position and the 6th said to set a date for virtual interview, are they stopping the face to face interviews ???

Re: Application Status

Explorer C

I feel you on this waiting period to get any answers.  I am starting to even wonder if I am still in the running for the BWI position and would hate to apply/take other positions based on the lack of communication.  I completed my drug test, employment, and background stuff on Feb 23rd and have heard nothing.  I had multiple emails from SW folks and have sent multiple emails to everyone and nobody has responded back.  I guess I should start applying again for other spots since nobody can tell me anything.  In all of the posts, I've read this is the biggest issue with trying to obtain a position in SW.  It would be nice for someone to check in every so often to state "Were still researching your employment, waiting on a drug test or something" instead of just ignoring it.  

Re: Application Status

Frequent Flyer A

It seems like they are doing things in batches. Be patient. We are lucky they provide us with updates. Most jobs won't. 

Application Status

Explorer C

Hello, my name is Danyel. I have applied for customer service representative. I would love to be apart of the Southwest Airlines family. I have over ten years of customer service experience as well as five years of being a call representative and handling accounts. I applied last week and received an email to do a candidate profile. I am just so eager to hear back.