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Application/Workday Account

New Arrival

Hello all,


I have just completed the initial portion of the acceptance process after receiving my offer letter. I then received a few emails asking me to complete additional tasks, but these tasks are on a different site from the actions I already completed, and seemingly require a separate account which I do not have, and seemingly cannot create. Has anyone run into this issue with Workday or have any information on how to proceed?


Thanks in advance,



Re: Application/Workday Account

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Hi Brian,


Workday is a part of the SWAlife website. This is a portal for SWA employees only to access email, check paystubs, benefits, tasks due, and pretty much everything else that is work related.

During your first week, you will be set up with your email address and password to gain access.


I hope that helps.

Re: Application/Workday Account

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The link at the bottom of the email of the task notification takes you to login in to the employee portal that is not where you go. To complete workday tasks you will need to go to the link in your application accepted email or go to the careers website and click on candidate home that will take you to the workday login page.

Re: Application/Workday Account

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They might not have processed you into the system yet and thus you may not have your SWA credentials. Once you get an email with login information from, you should be able to access Workday and complete any pre-employment tasks assigned to you.