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Application for flight attendant

New Arrival

Hi!  My name is Grace Guerrero ,  I'm interested in applying for a flight attent or an in flight position.   Please email me with any information needed.  Thank you! 


Re: Application for flight attendant

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I recommend you start by signing up for the Talent Community. this will alert you when the position is available for applications as Southwest is not currently accepting applications for new flight attendants. You can also check out the Careers website for a list of available positions.


Hope this helps


Re: Application for flight attendant

New Arrival

I am a people person,also bilingual and i will love to work as a flight attendant.

Re: Application for flight attendant

New Arrival

I started out in the 70's to become a flight attendant, i had to change my career it was to soon to leave my baby at the time. Now everyone is grown up and have their lives and families. I would like to work my dream job. I feel that if i could serve the sick i know i can serve anyone with a smile.