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Application status

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In december of 2017, i applied for a part-time ramp position in FLL. i was offered the job in february of 2018. a few days later, a full-time offer, same position and location, was available and i applied for it. i spoke to a recruiter and told her i decline the part time job but i would accept the full-time job if offered. the recruiter messaged me days later and told me that my application was still in consideration for the full-time. it's been almost 2 months now and heard anything. does that mean that my chances of getting the job are all but over?


Re: Application status

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I personally would have taken the part time job and took a second job until I could transfer to full time internally, just because it can be quite hard to get into the airline due to demand.

Especially if you are picky about what base you want to start at. You can apply to a new position within the company after 6 months, though just going from part time to full time at the same location/position may be immediate upon approval. I dont know that yet for SW Airlines.
But good luck.