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Application taken off list

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After applying to be a Southwest Flight Attendant, i got an email saying I was taken off the list since I did not send in my vaccination status. Now I am seeing it is no longer mandatory for the employees to be vaccinated, so is there a way i can get put back on the list? Having a hard time finding answers on this, so thanks in advance!



Re: Application taken off list

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Southwest has dropped the requirement for current  employees.


It may not have done so for potential new employees.


edit add: based on the post below this one, I retract the first sentence

Re: Application taken off list

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I'm not sure where you are seeing that vaccination is no longer a requirement for employees.  While Gary Kelly said no one would be fired because of it, it is still a requirement and it is currently unclear what will happen to employees who fail to get vaccinated or seek a religious/medical exemption.  There's no reason they would hire someone who just didn't want to get vaccinated and didn't have a religious or medical exemption, that would just add to the problem of figuring out what to do with that group of people.