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Explorer C

I applied for a maintenance position in Denver which says I need 2 years of experience, and I have it. I got an automated email saying I don’t meet the minimum qualifications. But during the questions I was asked if I had 5 years and I only have 4. Not sure if that’s the reason I was denied, so if it 2 or 5 years? 


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Aviator A

Auto rejects normally happen for non background reasons.


Some jobs require you to live in a certain state

Some jobs require you to agree to training in a certain city

Some jobs require you to agree that you will be trained for a certain amount of time.


Answer points like these wrong, and you get an auto reject.

Re: Application


Hey, @Lmantooth!


Thanks for reaching out and for your interest in a career with Heart! 

I took a closer look at your application for the DEN Aircraft Maintenance Technician, and I'm so sorry for any confusion surrounding the required experience. For the Aircraft Maintenance Technician, our required experience is 2 years of Aircraft Maintenance Experience, including 1 year of Heavy Jet Aircraft Maintenance Experience (12,500 lbs or more). 


I passed the contradicting requirements of your application on to our Technical Operations Recruiting Team, and they will be digging in! They advised they will follow up with you and any other affected Candidates via email as soon as there is an update to share. Thank you for bringing this to our attention! 

Re: Application

Explorer C

thank you so much for the information, it helped me.

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Explorer C

It's great that the representative of The Southwest quickly figured it out. I wish you good luck with your application!

Re: Application

Explorer C

Thank you for answering and making my mind clear. I appreciate you all.

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