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I applied on September 23 and have been waiting for email or call from the company but I never received any. Then I checked my status on the dashboard and said closed complete. I really don’t know who to reach out to and ask on to why my status was closed. And today I received an email saying that I chose not move forward with my application? I have been so interested and been waiting for my interview or email or even call but I didn’t received any. I’m still hoping somebody here will see this message and still give me a chance. Thank you in advance .



Re: Application

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Sorry to hear this is happening to you.


My guess is that you missed a SW e-mail  asking you to do something   When you did not respond, the company made the determination that you were no longer interested.


I think the best suggestion is to try again with a different job.



Re: Application

New Arrival


Like the previous comment mentioned, sounds like you missed something.  It actually might be the Covid Update email that was sent out to applicants who had applied on 8/23.  The email mentioned that you have to complete and submit a form regarding vaccination status and it was to be completed within 48 hours.

Hope this help resolve that feeling inside that we all have as to what might have happened.