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Applications and Workday

Explorer C

Hello community!


Two part question:


I just received an email saying application received, for a job I applied for (and received confirmation of submission) almost two months ago. But the requisition number does not match what I have in my records. And when I log into my dashboard, the original application shows "submission received."


The most recent email was sent by, asking me to create a new Candidate Home account as the system is being transitioned to Workday. Is this a spam email? And if not, why does my requisition number not match? 


Thank you!


Re: Applications and Workday

Frequent Flyer A

I don't think it's a spam email. SW just changed a major functionality of their employee page. It went live yesterday, and it is called Workday. 


I wouldn't worry about the req#. In the end, it didn't matter for me. I never even knew my req# and didn't need it for anything, ever. I'm sure that's something for internal use only. As long as your dashboard is still active and doesn't say 'Closed Complete', you're good. 😊