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Apply to be a Southwest Airlines Flight Attendant


UPDATE: The application issue has been resolved! Please visit to view the job description and complete your application. As a reminder, we have extended the application window to at least 11:30 p.m. CT. We thank you for your patience and interest.



Are you dreaming of a career as a Flight Attendant at Southwest Airlines? Do you have a desire to deliver the Legendary Customer Service and Hospitality Southwest’s known for while providing a safe travel experience? Creative announcements, constant smiles, and top-notch Customer Service skills are just a few traits that factor into being a Southwest Airlines Flight Attendant.


We’re looking for the best of the best! Apply on Thursday, Sept. 23, between 1:00 p.m – 5:00 p.m. CDT.


To Apply

  • Create a resume in basic formatting (Word or PDF) ahead of time.
  • Once the position posts, ALL interested applicants need to visit to apply.
  • We anticipate the role posting for a limited time, and recommend that anyone interested and qualified apply as soon as possible to not miss the application window.

Next Steps

  • After completing the application process on, all applicants receive a confirmation email. If there is not one, then check your spam/junk folder for communication. Applicants who do not meet the requirements also receive an email notification.
  • We’ll contact qualified applicants for a phone screen in the order they apply. The volume of qualified applicants determines the length of this process. We anticipate the interview process continuing through 2021, and ask for your patience as we give each applicant thoughtful consideration.
  • Successful phone screen applicants receive an invite to a virtual panel interview.


Do you have questions? If so, explore our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for more information.


We hope to see your application soon!


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Re: Apply to be a Southwest Airlines Flight Attendant

Explorer C

I've spent the past 45 mins trying to apply and Southwest's careers site keeps either loading pages super slow and giving me "502 Bad Gateway" errors while trying to load. This is really eating into the small window of time to apply. Maybe Southwest's servers are being hit too hard by too many people at once. If so, I think you all should provide us with an extension to apply because this is going to take forever. Hopefully I can still make the window to apply 😕

Re: Apply to be a Southwest Airlines Flight Attendant

Explorer C
From one applicant to another, just keep trying! I ran into the same issues, but just kept refreshing my browser and it eventually worked. Keep trying, and you’ll get it. Good luck!

Re: Apply to be a Southwest Airlines Flight Attendant

Explorer C

I’ve been refreshing the same page upon errors and it keeps shutting me out with a service unavailable. How many times will the answer be refresh the page without a real solution here 

Re: Apply to be a Southwest Airlines Flight Attendant

Explorer C

The website is refusing to proceed past step 3.  I've been trying since 1PM CDT nonstop and still nothing promising.  The frustrating cycle goes:


1. Select Sex and Race.

2. Error.

3. Server is unavailable (page with the smiling lady).

4. Page refreshes automatically after a few minutes.

5. Have to retry filling-out step 3 OR instead sent back to the dashboard and have to click continue application again.

6. Repeat.


Hope that this is resolved ASAP.  This is an opportunity I do not want to miss, and given the short application window the faulty servers seem extra counterintuitive to a smooth and successful application process for everyone.

Re: Apply to be a Southwest Airlines Flight Attendant

Explorer C

Me and my friend are having the same issues and they only giving this one time opportunity and the website not working very well and is almost time for them to close the window 

Re: Apply to be a Southwest Airlines Flight Attendant

Explorer C

Hello, where did you go to create a profile that allowed you to set a password for login? 

Re: Apply to be a Southwest Airlines Flight Attendant

Explorer C



I'm having the same issue. The careers page has crashed. Please let us know how to apply! This is an opportunity I have been waiting a long time for, and I don't want to miss out!



Re: Apply to be a Southwest Airlines Flight Attendant

Explorer C

I have been trying to log in since 1:10 CST. It's taking 50 mins to get passed the 502 gateway error message. To finally being able to add Resume, It hangs while trying to load on the page "Choose your path". then freezes with "Jobs based on your Southwest Careers interests and searches:" I have taken many screen shots to show that the website doesn't work properly. My guess is that it can not with stand all the traffic of applications. Very disheartening to experience this on this companies website.

Re: Apply to be a Southwest Airlines Flight Attendant

Explorer C

Same. I started at 1:00pm. Already had my resume uploaded. I keep getting to various points in the process before it gives me an error, but still cannot get through. I am refreshing and just keep trying. If it’s meant to be…