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Atlanta Call Center Job

Explorer C

I would like to apply for the Call Center position in Atlanta.    I cannot find the posting on the career page.   Can you help?


Re: Atlanta Call Center Job

Frequent Flyer A

I recall that the Customer Service Representative opportunity in Atlanta was posted earlier this week (Thursday, maybe?), but it no longer appears among the open positions.

In the past I've noticed that some jobs postings are only up for a day or two before they are removed. I assume this happens because Southwest gets so many applicants when a job is initially posted that their quota is quickly met and they no longer need to keep the position posted.

My advice is to check the Southwest careers page in multiple times a day...and if you see a position you're interested in and meet the qualifications for, submit an application IMMEDIATELY without delay. If you change your mind, you can always withdraw from consideration later.

Good luck to you! I hope you find a good opportunity in ATL soon!

Re: Atlanta Call Center Job

Explorer C

Job was posted on may 25 2018 at 7am and taken down on Saturday.  Sorry