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Auto Rejected

Explorer C

Hi, I applied for the marketing specialist position with the experience listed on the job description, but I received an email advising that I did not meet the minimum requirements. I assume it's because my address is outside of Dallas but I'm not entirely sure. Some insight would be appreciated! 


If I need to be located in Dallas at the time of recruitment/offer, I'm willing to relocate however the email gives me no feedback 😞 


Re: Auto Rejected

Aviator A

I'm not aware of any SW job that requires you to be a resident of a specific city - state yes, city no.


This happens a lot. It happens because they answer a question wrong -- questions like

Are you legally allowed to work in the US

Are you willing to under go X hours of training

Are you willing to attend training in (insert city name)


Since I have not applied for a job at SW, I expect there are others like that, but have no idea what they might be.

Re: Auto Rejected

Explorer C

Thanks! I believe I answered the questions correctly but there isn't a way to confirm since I can't review my application. Hopefully a team member can chime in.

Re: Auto Rejected

Frequent Flyer A

You can always try again too. Best of luck and hope it works out!

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