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Explorer C

On Wednesday November 16th 2022 I had a scheduled interview with SWA-BWI for a position at 1300 -1330. 
Being unaware that this interview will be virtual and missing a call from Nicole at the location. I scampered to download the MS Teams app for the interview and was evidently late to the interview. Right away I emailed the scheduling team to explain the situation and try to get it setup again, I was prompted to pick a new interview date and time. From the list of new times and dates, I selected the closest one for Thursday November 17th 2022. Approximately around 0700 on 11/17/2022 I received an email from SWA say I declined the interview and is no longer being considered for the position. 2 hours later I received another email asking me to pick a new date and time again, I did just that. Then I received a follow up email saying "sorry we experienced some turbulence there........." I had to pick another date and time. Which I did for this morning Friday November 18th, 2022 at 0900. I have been logged into the TEAMS meeting interview link since 0845 until present at the time of writing this message. 

Can someone advise me of help me if the aforementioned are BOT responses, generic scripts and processes or someone just not giving me the deserved equal opportunity to apply, be interviewed and accepted or denied? I need someone to assist if possible as to who to contact next.