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Background Screening Notice email

Explorer C

I've just received from Sterling my Background Screening Notice email.

It states: "This notice is to inform you that Sterling, a Consumer Reporting Agency, is reporting public record information to Southwest Airlines".


I'm assuming this is a standard email sent to all applicants that get to the background check portion of the hiring process and is nothing to be concerned about, right?  I have a good driving record, no criminal history and my education and employment history is as accurate as I recollect.


Sorry if this has been asked/answered elsewhere.  I searched, but I couldn't find this scenario anywhere in the discussion boards.  Any information is appreciated.  Thanks!!!


Re: Background Screening Notice email

Adventurer C



This is normal notification to let you know what is being sent to Southwest. Check out for an example. 


You should be able to check status of your check with Sterling:


Best of luck!

Re: Background Screening Notice email

Explorer C

Perfect!  Thank you so much! 🙂