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Background Screening Reassurance

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My Anxiety is out of control over this. I had my interviews, got my CJO, and started the background process about 6 weeks ago. The last communication I received was about 3 weeks ago, saying that they understood it was frustrating, but that they were waiting on one piece of information.


The Status from Sterling shows that the background screening report has been completed. My Dashboard still shows "Under Review", but it also shows that it was updated yesterday, 7/25.


How long did it take for your background screening after Sterling showed your report as complete? I'm anxious because my family has already relocated except me so that my wife could start her new job, while I am stuck waiting on everything to clear still. Any advice or reassuring words would be helpful.


Re: Background Screening Reassurance

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I understand the frustration.  You should be hearing something this week.  My wait was exactly 6 weeks!  It was long!!!!! Good luck!!!

Re: Background Screening Reassurance

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Unless you have a reason to be nervous, I’m sure you are fine. Remember it’s a process and many others are also going through it. 

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