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Background check date change

Adventurer B

Hi all, I received my CJO on 2/4. I submitted the background approval that day. I did my drug test and fingerprints on 2/8. I received a phone call from someone at Sterling on like the 9th trying to verify my employment for a gig work job. They called me because I'm not really an employee of the company. The gentleman didn't really understand what I meant until I said the company is like Uber or Instacart. My date on Sterling for completion keeps getting pushed back. I'm so afraid that something is messed up. Prior to working this gig app job, my last W2 job was in 2008. I'm not sure if they even contact companies that far back. I've been waiting for this opportunity for so long to be a co-heart. I guess maybe I just need some reassurance that this isn't taking forever even though it feels like it. Position is CSA in So. Cal.


Re: Background check date change

Adventurer B

So when I was checking the status of my background check, if they can’t finish the check I believe for that day, the estimated date of completion gets pushed back to the next day.