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Background check

Explorer C

So i was hired through ERMC as an appearance technician for southwest and i haven’t done my background checks yet but i do have a question about them. 

1. I have two tickets out of Georgia that resulted in a suspended license status, all i have to do is pay them and then reinstate my license but i wanted to know if this will prevent my employment here in Texas, I’m told there is a federal FBI Criminal background check and a local background check. 

2. my manager said that driving isn’t required for the position so they probably won’t care too much about that. I recently worked at target at a warehouse and had to do a background for them not as extensive but none the less that  background check was cleared so I’m just wondering if I’m good and if I’m worrying for no reason. 



Re: Background check

Explorer A

As long as you’ve been honest about it during the application process and your position doesn’t require a valid license, I’d guess that you’ll be alright. They will show up obviously, but they probably won’t disqualify you. If you’ve lied about it at some point during the process, then that’s a completely different matter