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Baltimore Job Openings

Explorer B

I have been waiting patiently for Southwest to open applicants for Flight Attending, since I have completed Triad Aviation Academy, in October. I was wondering, if I applied to some of the full time openings, here in Baltimore, if it would give me a so called "foot in the door", for when a flight attending opening does occur? Or would it be best to wait it out? I have recieved a letter with a tracking # on it, but no one has gotten back to me, on what I am to do with it.......

Please tell me what is the best route to take 🙂

I so love your company, and your team/ staff, are what got me inspired to take the Flight Attending coureses, at Triad!

I would hate to miss out on any oppertunities, that may arise 🙂

Please advise......

Thank you ever so much for your time!!!


Kelly Litchfield

Kelly M Litchfield

Re: Baltimore Job Openings


Hi @KLitchfield,


Thank you for your continued interest in this role! You are welcome to apply for any positions with Southwest Airlines.  However, if selected for another position, you will have to remain in that position for one year before you can apply Internally to the Flight Attendant position.


You can find the answers to your other questions here. Best of luck throughout the process!




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Re: Baltimore Job Openings

Explorer B

They actually called me today 🙂     lol

I spoke with the gentleman, who was so sweet, and I asked him what I should do.

I'm was torn between trying this way, or waiting patiently, for the flight attendant opening.

He actually told me to hold off, till an opening arises, since I paid for the aviation academy, out of pocket 🙂

But as he stated, it is the luck of the draw 🙂

I'm going to take this as "fate"  🙂

Especially since he said he was putting in a good word for me!!! 😉

That poor guy!!! I had him on the phone, for a while!!! 

Thanks to you all, for getting back to me, and answering the 1000 questions I had! 🙂

I hope to meet and see you all, very soon!


Kelly M Litchfield