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Becoming a flight attendant?

New Arrival

Hi Everyone!


I am a complete newbie with wanting to become a flight attendant. I recently went on a trip and was told by the person next to me that I would be perfect for the job (I honestly just assisted her with putting her luggage overhead and helped with her adjusting her fan haha). But it got me thinking, thus here we are! However, I have several questions...


I am 4'11 is this a problem?

What kind of education is needed (besides the training)? Or what college courses would be nice to have for this position?

I was a CNA before, so I have my CPR and BLS certification, would this come in handy?

Do you get paid for flight attendant training?

How does living on the flight attendant bases work?


I would love to hear about any tips, tricks, experiences and advice! 🙂


Thank you for your time!



Re: Becoming a flight attendant?

Top Contributor



I would recommend checking out the southwest career website at the following link


There you can check out all the different job postings currently available as well as see requirements for those jobs such as age or experience


i do know that they just recently had flight attendant positions close but keep watching as you never know when they will have another flight attendant opening. 


hope this helps