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Being a Southwest Flight Attendant

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I am looking to place my application for a flight attendant position the next time Southwest has is hiring for it. I would like some honest feedback however. My biggest questions is for the current Southwest flight attendants. I would like to know from why you love your job and what makes working for Southwest great, as compared to lets say American Airlines. I love flying Southwest and I have heard so many good things about the company, but I would like some input from real people who are currenlty in the Southwest work force. 🙂 Also, if you are allowed to give out such information, I'm curious as to the starting pay for a first year flight attendant. I'm not sure if it differes per person and experience or if it is the same across the board. Any additional information/input would be greatly apppreciated! 






Re: Being a Southwest Flight Attendant

Rising Star

Here is some information that may be helpful


Q: What is the pay rate for the Southwest Flight Attendant position?
A: Southwest Airlines new hire Flight Attendants are paid $24.41 per trip, for the first six months after passing Initial training. After successfully completing the probationary/onboarding period, the pay increases to $24.72 per trip for the next six months. A “trip” is 243 nautical miles or approximately every 55 minutes of flight time.
Scheduled hours are based on operational needs. On reserve, Flight Attendants typically are scheduled on average for 72 trips per month. For a scheduled “line” of trip assignments, Flight Attendants typically are scheduled on average for 80 trips per month.
Q: What is my per diem once I start flying?
A: Southwest Flight Attendants are paid an hourly per diem allowance for each hour the Flight Attendant is away from their assigned Flight Attendant base, starting at the time of required check-in and ending 30 minutes after arrival of their last trip in a sequence. This per diem is designated as compensation for meals. The per diem allowance is currently $2.30 per hour.
If a Flight Attendant works or deadheads on a Near International flight (near international is defined as destinations or flying located within the region of North America but outside of the contiguous 48 United States), you will receive a per diem rate of $2.85 per hour. The Near International per diem will begin at the report time of the duty period including Near International flying and continues until the termination of the pairing.
Q: Do Southwest Flight Attendants need to pay for uniforms?
A: The initial uniform cost is approximately $500, which is payroll deducted from each Flight Attendant in increments of $25, twice a month. Each subsequent year, Flight Attendants will receive $220 in a uniform account for purchasing additional or replacement uniform pieces.