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Explorer A

Can any current employee direct me on how to add my children to my travel benefits ? I can see how to add a parent and companion but not my children. 


Re: Benefits

Frequent Flyer A

Do a search on SWAlife and you should see there is a file with a step-by-step tutorial. If not, contact the benefits people! That’s how I did it. They sent me a link, I uploaded everything and it took about 2 weeks to be approved and show up in my eligible travelers. 

Re: Benefits

Adventurer B

I had to wait for my medical benefits to verify my husband before he showed up on my travel benefits.  It took several weeks.  I had to upload my marriage certificate in the medical enrollment section. 

Re: Benefits

Frequent Flyer C

SWALife > Click Employee Services > My Life Events (on the menu at the top) > Becoming a Parent > "Adding a Dependent to Nonrevenue Travel Privileges"


It'll be through WorkPerks (the benefits system) where you can enroll your dependents, and it will automatically go over to the non-rev booking system.

Re: Benefits

Explorer B

I'm waiting for the same thing. My 30 days is tomorrow, I've uploaded all docs but still just seeing myself on the listing tool. I'm just using passes for my kid for now, luckily I started a few days before q2 ended so I got 2 passes.