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Big Shocker...Another Scammer.

Explorer C

Just to let SWA know, there is a facebook profile calling itself, Southwest Helpdesk.  I made a comment last week and this morning this person sent a friend request. Within minutes of approving him/her, s/he sent me a message asking for personally identifiable info. 

Just hoping you guys can rattle Mark SZuckburger and have him delete this obvious phishing scammer.  With your gravitas maybe you can.  It would be impossible for little ol' me to do anything to get between Marky and his income, no matter that he facilitates endless scams on his platform.



Re: Big Shocker...Another Scammer.

Aviator A

I’ve seen lots of fake accounts on Twitter (X) as well when I see them I report them for removal unfortunately there are lots of scam accounts on both Facebook and Twitter (X) 


the best way to know if your really dealing with Southwest is look for the verified mark I’m and remember Southwest won’t add you as a friend to assist you on Facebook 


@robt77burke1  if you have the link of the Facebook account please share it and I’ll pass it on for them to try and get it removed