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CS&S Position

Explorer C

Hello. I submitted my application for the remote CS&S position on June 20, 2022. I have not heard anything back regarding the status of my application as of yet. When I check my “Workday” it shows that my application is still in process. Can anyone elaborate on what may be next in this process. I have been checking my email every 2 seconds while praying and waiting patiently for a response or an update. TIA


Re: CS&S Position

Frequent Flyer C

Hi @CCyrus! Many of us are in the same situation. I am also "In Process." My application finally pushed through at around 12:30 Herb Central Time on June 20th (unfortunately without my resume). So, we wait. In the mean time you could read up about Southwest Airlines and take a look at those city codes. Also, Career Connections on Tuesdays is a great way to stay connected. You are already engaging here on the Community, so that's awesome! Hang in there and good luck to you!