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CS&S Remote - Timeline

Adventurer A

Here is my timeline with the CS&S Remote position, so far. 


I've seen a vast mix of people that have either gone through interviews or some that haven't heard anything at all. So hopefully this helps.


Feel free to post your own timeline for this position so others can compare. 




June 20th - Applied for CS&S position. (had some technical troubles uploading my resume and answering requirement questions.)


June 21st - I received a denial email.


June 27th - I received an email update explaining there was an error with my application and to disregard the previous communication as my application had since been moved back into the review stage. 


June 29th - I received an email inviting me to schedule a phone interview. Scheduled for 7/6.


June 30th - Received an email with a link to view the status in "My Work Day"


July 6th - Phone interview. The recruiter was absolutely punctual and called me at the exact time I was scheduled for. (I highly recommend having your work history and resume in front of you for this.) I was invited for a Virtual Interview on 7/18. 


July 18th - Virtual Interview went great and received a verbal CJO. 


July 20th - Received CJO email detailing the next steps of the process.



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Re: CS&S Remote - Timeline

Explorer A

Congratulations! So happy to see more and more of those that applied and received an error get back in the process of Joining the SW Family. Keeping my fingers and toes crossed for you! 

Re: CS&S Remote - Timeline

Adventurer A



As of 8/4, still waiting for the next steps. I've been joining the webinars on Tuesday and Thursday. They've offered tons of great information!

-You're Now Free To Move About The Country