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CS&S Work From Home Career Connections

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Happy Saturday Everyone! If you were on the webinar on Friday you may recall our fantastic recruiters and company mentioned Career Connections. I would highly recommend joining the event on Tuesday from 12:00 to 13:00. I signed up from the Events Tab on Southwest Careers. Once you sign up you will get an email to confirm your email address. Once you confirm you will get another exciting, colorful email with those eye catching bold blue, warm red and sunrise yellow colors that shows you are confirmed for the event. This company is amazing! I'm luving the emails and correspondence through all these different apps and through all these different channels. So exciting, y'all. Hope all of you are having fun too. Wish all the candidates luck in this process. Have a great weekend, Team! See you in Career Connections on Tuesday!


Re: CS&S Work From Home Career Connections

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Great info. @skyrick ! Make sure to try ever way to stay connected to all info about SWA careers. Even if you don't find answers for yourself you will be able to help out when others need the help. I spent a LOT of time staring down, and refreshing my emails, and lost of time pushing every link on SWA career page. 

Good LUCK to all!