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CSA Virtual Interview

Explorer C

Hi Everyone! I successfully completed my Video Assessment 3/19/23 and have been scheduled for my Virtual Interview 3/27/23! I am beyond excited to get through this and get that CJO!!!!!!

I’ve researched a ton about SWA and read through probably every related thread on here about the interview process. 

Anyone else at the same point of interview process as I am right now? I would love to connect with you! I want to start building some friendships now so when we get hired and go to training together we can have the most excellent experience together!!! 😃 😁❤️

 ~positive vibes~

The position is at SRQ if there are any current employees from this location on here I’d love to hear from you also!!

Wish me luck 🍀




Re: CSA Virtual Interview

Adventurer C

Best of luck!

Re: CSA Virtual Interview

Explorer C

Thank you!!