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Cadet program

New Arrival

Can I apply to the Cadet program as a junior in HS, to keep my name on file until I qualify?  I have my first class medical and am scheduled to solo Aug 15.  This will be my 16th birthday.  I plan to pursue my private pilots license, and hopefully obtain that when I turn 17.  I know this does not make me more competitive, but I am interested in aviation and Southwest.


Re: Cadet program

Rising Star

@Zurlomi  Most large Companies do not file applications for future positions or programs. I’m. It certain, but I assume SWA follows the same practice.


Not sure how strong your resume is currently, but keep in mind that it would be outdated. My suggestion to you is to grow your skills with a goal of eventually applying. 

SWA Passenger, Community Champion

Re: Cadet program


Hi @Zurlomi,


While we recommend that you wait to apply for the Cadet program, we would highly encourage you to keep an eye on our High School Internships for next Summer. The program is growing and we may have openings near you next year. We will be updating information on the program here as we have the cities and dates for next year:


Thanks for reaching out and good luck with your first solo!


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