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Campus Reach Login Issue- Help!

Explorer C

I was fortunate enough to be chosen to have an in-person interview with Southwest. However, I'm having trouble locating the Campus Reach login page. I can get to the general career login page, but I remember there being a separate login for Campus Reach. Any help on this?


Re: Campus Reach Login Issue- Help!

Explorer B

Hi Ethan,


I believe they recently redesigned the career portion of the site and you might be able to access your campus reach application through the general portal. 


I am currently an intern here at SWA and can honestly say this is the best place I've ever worked at 🙂 Good luck at your interview!

Re: Campus Reach Login Issue- Help!

Retired Community Manager

Thanks for responding, @ethanwrighttx! Nothing keeps the excitement going like sharing with others from your personal experience!