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@AshleyMainz & @KelbyTansey Today while doing my normal stroll through all the community post checking to see if anyone had posted anything about getting an interview I came upon one post in the Community Outreach board and let me just say, ladies I sincerely feel for you. The post that you have to read and things that you have to go through can make for a hard days work.


 Kelby and the rest of the team going through 100's of 1000's upon 1000s of applications and having to stop and probably answer phone call after phone call about where someone stands in  the interview process then having to respond to post after post can make for a very long hard day. Then on top of all of that you have Ashley who is having to respond to post about the NRA and people not being very respectful about things. Can sometimes take its toll on an employee.


I have a management/leadership background and one thing that I always made sue Idid was built my staff up and motivate thenm daily. I always wanted to make sure they knew how variable they were to the company and  Im sure you hear this often because Southwest leadership is pretty amazing but WOW thank you for doing such an amazing job.  This isn't just for Ashley and Kelby they are the main names that I know by heart thats why I called them out. But Seriously thank you! You are all doing an amazing job. I hope that one day I will be able to tell you all face to face but this will have to do for now! THANK YOU! for always responding with a Fun LUVing Attitude, Warrior Spirit and having a Servants Heart to do what you do every day!


A Future New Flight Attentant Family Member , (Hopeful, He's in Control of my Plan) Warrior spirit, Servants Heart, Fun LUVIng Attitude, 

Christy Plagge 


Christy Plagge