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Hola Kelly,


I'm a big fan of Southwest Airlines, usually I drive about 1-2 hours to fly with Southwest. So, I was excited to learn that Southwest is coming to Cincinnati in June 2017. As soon as I heard the great news, I appiled for a Southwest credit card and I'm on my way to earning points. I'm hoping to learn more about future employment opportunities coming to my city, could you help with this?


Re: Welcome to the Southwest Careers Board!


Hey there, @Ashleyt310,


We're a big fan of you, too! We are thrilled to begin service in Cincinnati, and will need lots of Southwest Warriors to join our Team as we grow. These positions will be in Airport Operations, which you can learn more about here. Currently, these positions are being filled internally. However, we expect to begin making them available externally soon.


To make sure you know about the opportunities as soon as they open, we recommend keeping an eye on our job postings at and signing up to receive job alerts at Workfor.Us/Southwest (on Desktop) or (on Mobile). We hope to welcome you to the Team very soon!


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