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Cleaning trash is a maintenance job?

Explorer C

(Take two at posting this since it decided to crash the last time.)


I'm curious as to why ramp agents are barred from cleaning trash out of the cargo bin on domestic flights.  We've a ton of it in one of the bins and, since I was not doing anything at the moment, I decided to climb up and clean it out.  Then I got stopped bymy trainer because it "was not my job."  (I hate that excuse.)  You don't need an A&P certificate to pick up trash.


I just a bit ticked off seeing everything from gloves to half drunk bottles of Gatorade, to used enema nozzles (yes, you read that correctly) being left to pile up in the bin.  Why are we barred from doing such a simple task if we have time?


Re: Cleaning trash is a maintenance job?

Aviator A

Again, you won't get answers to your questions about your job duties here, this is a customer to customer forum.  If you have concerns you should speak with your supervisor or HR.



Re: Cleaning trash is a maintenance job?

Aviator A

Since much of SW is unionized, I suspect that the union contracts define who does what.