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Cleveland Operations Agent

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I recently applied for a part time position in Cleveland. I didn’t even get a phone call before the position was filled. I’m wondering if I did something wrong on my application or if someone can give me some feedback. Thanks. 


Re: Cleveland Operations Agent

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As someone who does hiring at another company I'll say that quite often I see hundreds of applicants for a position, it's likely Southwest receives more, and there's just no way to call everyone who applied. Keep trying, hopefully your phone will ring someday soon. Unfortunately you won't get any feedback from Southwest specific to your application so it's always a good idea to have friends and family review your application and/or resume. It's super helpful if you can find someone who does hiring at a company so you can get feedback from them and learn how they would view your resume. Good luck! 




Re: Cleveland Operations Agent

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@Leboucher  I also work at a large Company who receives hundreds of applications for one position. Unfortunately due to the volume of applicants, only the top candidates with all the qualifications, and also related experience get a response back with an interview date. All the other less qualified applicants are not contacted.  

Continue to look for opportunities that you are qualified for and apply! You will land your dream job eventually. 

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