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Closed complete but no rejection

New Arrival

Hi all!


i have applied for several opportunities but have always received a Closed Complete status followed by a rejection email.  


One position i am highly interested in gave me a phone interview and stayed Under Review for quite some time.  Then changed to Closed Complete.  I did not receive a call or email for a f2f.  


But, I have not received a rejection letter.  I know Closed Complete status means the application is no longer active.  But I have also read other meanings.  Did they just forget to send a rejection or could there still be a chance?  


I have ave always wanted to work for Southwest and really would appreciate an opportunity.  I will keep applying.  I am lucky to live in Dallas near Love Field.  I am looking at Corporate positions.  


Thanks for any insight anyone  can give. 


Re: Closed complete but no rejection

Active Member

Hi @frenchie,


The status on my dashboard usually changes at least a day or two before I receive a rejection email. For example, a status for one of my applications changed on Friday, but I didn’t receive an email until today. I wouldn’t be surprised if the emails are getting hung up or delayed in the system for some reason.


Also, make sure you keep an eye on your spam folder. My emails still end up there occasionally, even though I’ve marked the email address as “not spam” in the past.


Hang in there!



Re: Closed complete but no rejection

New Arrival



Thank you for the feedback.  


I do check my my spam email.  It changed the status on 6/6.  So it has been quite awhile.