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Completed my F2F interview

Explorer A

I finished my f2f interview this morning,


I had a question does any one know how long the selection process is because I still see on my application (in progress) is that a good sign that I passed the interview this is for a ramp agent position. The manager mentioned the next steps to me. About going to st Louis than going to Texas, and when we finished he asked if I had questions and I asked him if he thinks if I am a potential candidate, and he said I have ramp experience and that's what hes looking for, does this mean I got the job ? I'm a lil nervous and excited at the same time


Re: Completed my F2F interview

Aviator A

My understanding is that so long as your dashboard shows a status then you are still in the running.


If you get the job then you won't have any doubt, you'll know, so hopefully you find out soon.


Good luck!

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