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Completed screening, did I make it?

Explorer C

I have received an e-mail saying I have completed my pre-employment screening with the company but there may be pending information before a 100% clearance. I am going crazy and just want to know if that means I passed my drug test and background check. I got fingerprinted and turned in my background check about three weeks ago and performed my drug test 3 days ago. 


Re: Completed screening, did I make it?


Hey, @mm2000!


Congrats on your contingent job offer!

We truly appreciate your patience and diligence throughout the Employment Screening process. I know the wait can be stressful, especially as that process can take up to 6 weeks to finalize - although, we typically see folks complete the necessary steps within 4 weeks. It sounds like you've completed everything on your end, and now it's just time to wait and keep an eye on your email inbox for an update soon! 


Hang in there!