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Contact a recruiter

Explorer C

i got an email to complete screening form and that after i would get a call or email to schedule an interview. i haven't heard anything and i want to contact someone so they can help me set up a interview. does anyone know an email or number i can try?  I am currently 18 weeks pregnant and really want this job so I can work from home and do the training before I am unable to  fly. Thank you!!



Re: Contact a recruiter

Aviator A

SW is trying to hire thousands of people. Thus it simply does not have the time/resources to provide a ,lot of personal service.


Your best bet is to let the process play out.


Good luck.

Re: Contact a recruiter

Frequent Flyer A

Be patient when waiting for a response, they are hiring a ton of people. There should be an email address at the bottom of the screening completion email. It will be in blue text. Congrats!