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Corporate Headquarters Tour & Mentor

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Hello! I am trying to contact someone about taking a tour of the Headquarters in Dallas this summer. I have a 16 year who is extremely passionate about becoming a Southwest Airline Pilot and is hoping to become part of the 225 program.  He is currently in flight school locally getting his private pilots license.  I was thinking of flying to Dallas to show him where it all began but do not want to go if we cannot get in the building to tour or maybe even speak with someone. Any advice would be amazing.  Thank you in advance!sam.jpg


Re: Corporate Headquarters Tour & Mentor

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I don't know that public tours are available, but you can contact Customer Relations and see if one could be available.


Contact Customer Relations 



Re: Corporate Headquarters Tour & Mentor

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@Soucy123  with COVID, I doubt in person tours are taking place. Possibly you can request a virtual tour instead? 

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