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Corporate Hiring Process

Adventurer B

Hi there! Sorry for another question so soon!


I applied for a corporate position on 4/27.

Got an email from a recruiter for a phone interview 5/2.

Completed phone interview and assessments 5/4.

Got a call later that evening (5/4) saying they’d like to schedule a virtual interview. Scheduled. Dashboard updated to “In Progress”. 

My question is - does this mean I am a finalist for this position, or does pretty much everyone get through to a second interview? 
How many interviews are there for corporate positions? 

Hoping and praying that I can join the SWA family! 🤞🏼🤞🏼


Re: Corporate Hiring Process

Aviator A

I would imagine that there are   other people like you.


Good luck with the process.

Re: Corporate Hiring Process

Explorer B

Hey there!


Congratulations on landing that second interview with our Careers Team! That "In Progress" status means that you are actively in the process of going through our hiring pipeline. Depending on the role, there may be more steps beyond a second interview as our Team finds the right candidate for the opportunity!

Good luck!