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Corporate Hiring Timeline

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I have seen a lot of questions on this board about the hiring timeline so I thought it would be helpful to fully detail the experience I had with applying for my project manager position at the Dallas Corporate Headquarters:

11/22/2021 - Set up alerts for a project manager position through the careers site

11/30/2021 - Applied the same day the job was posted, within two hours of it being online - 1 pm CST, application included asking me to upload a picture of my vaccine card which I did

11/30/2021 - Requisition Status - Received Submission

12/6/2021 - Requisition status changed to Initial Review: Resume Review: In Progress

12/10/2021 - Received email - Asked to schedule a phone interview - multiple time slots given over the next two weeks but the email said schedule asap so I chose the first available - Requisition Status changed to In Progress

12/13/2021 - Phone Interview

12/15/2021 - Received email - Asked to schedule a virtual interview with the hiring manager, another manager, and the recruiter, only gave 4 timeslots, all for the next day - Requisition status still In Progress but Last Update date changed to 12/15/2021

12/16/2021 - Virtual Interview

12/21/2021 - Sent thank you email for the interview to interview attendees and ccing the recruiter ~1:30pm

12/21/2021 - Received email - Asked to schedule a virtual interview with senior leaders and recruiter - two time slots given for only one date ~2pm

1/7/2022 - Final Virtual Interview - Told I would hear back by the middle of next week with a decision

1/10/2022 - Received phone call saying I got the job and completed verbal offer acceptance; stated I would get a formal start date after I cleared background check since these can take a while; requisition status changed to "under review"

1/10/2022 - Received email - Offered contingent job, same details as verbal but in writing, pending background check clearing

1/10/2022 - Received email to complete background check

1/10/2022 - Completed Background check form and waiver, vaccine information already in the system as I input this as part of my application

1/17/2022 - Received email stating would need to complete drug test and finger printing as part of my role, stated would receive follow up emails on how to complete both within 24 hours; email from employee screening coordinator, different from recruiter, who would be my contact through the screening process

1/18/2022 - Received separate email to schedule fingerprinting, had to be scheduled and completed within 48 hours

1/18/2022 - Emailed the employee screening coordinator as I did not receive the drug test email yet, he stated their system was having technical difficulties and ideally would have the email sent by end of the day.

1/19/2022 - Completed fingerprinting

1/19/2022 - Received separate email to schedule drug test, had to be completed within 48 hours of the email being received

1/19/2022 - Completed drug test

1/20/2022 - Received 2 emails from Sterling stating Southwest ordered a background check on me

1/27/2022 - Background check cleared, received two emails, one from employee screening coordinator saying I passed and one from the recruiter saying I passed and offering different start dates - offered start date of 2/7 but chose 2/14 to give my current employer two weeks' notice 

2/14/2022 - Start Date


Re: Corporate Hiring Timeline


The response time and process will oftentimes depend on how many people are being hired at once as well. Recruiters have to juggle a lot of different applicants and internal clients. It can definitely vary.

Re: Corporate Hiring Timeline

Adventurer B

Congrats @tstark1215!!! That's so exciting! Enjoy your new position!  

Re: Corporate Hiring Timeline

Explorer A

Thanks for sharing! Very helpful.