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Covid vaccine/CSR

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I received an email stating that the covid vaccination card is required before obtaining a training date. I have not yet started the vaccine series and I know this will take time before being considered fully vaccinated. I am wondering if this will hinder my chances of getting hired since there is no time deadline in the email. 

Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks! 


Re: Covid vaccine/CSR


Good question, @marinalm! I'd recommend checking with your recruiter, but I believe as long as you've gotten at least one dose of the vaccine before your training start date, the fact that you're currently unvaccinated isn't a disqualifying factor. We do also offer some exemptions, but I really don't know what those are. If you might qualify for an exemption, please let your recruiter know! They're the experts. 

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Re: Covid vaccine/CSR

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Hello and congratulations ❤️. I didn't start my vaccine series until I got the email stating that I needed them! I just finished my second dose and I got a training date on 03/28.! So you should be fine. Good luck with everything and congrats again! 🥰👏