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Customer Representative Training

Explorer C



I'm interested in applying for the Customer Representative- Houston position and I have a few questions regarding this position. 


The job announcement mentions that there is opportunity to be remote, is this contingent on something? Or do we have the option to choose? 


The job announcement also mentions that there is a training class for this position, will it be in person or remote? If in person, where would the training be located? How long is the training class? 


Thank you 


Re: Customer Representative Training

Aviator A

I doubt someone from Southwest will come on to answer your questions in a timely manner.  Your best bet is to apply then ask the questions if you make it to the first round of the selection process.  Good luck!



Re: Customer Representative Training


Hi @tmickle 


We are not able to answer specific questions to specific job openings via the Community. We have only a few Employees from our People Department (HR) who have access to respond and we don't know all the details for every job posting. 


I recommend what @TheMiddleSeat shared, apply and you can learn more about the position directly from the recruiters supporting the requisition. 


Thank you for your interest in joining Southwest Airlines and good luck to you in your endeavors! 

Joanna F.