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Customer Service Agent Part Time Position in HNL?.

New Arrival



I recently moved to Honolulu a few months ago and I applied for the customer service agent part time position in HNL with a referral from a WN employee. I have 22 years experience in the Airlines Industry in Airport Operations and Reservations with B6 and DL. What's the likelihood of getting an interview  Ometv Chatroulette or do you post the job but higher within? How long does it take to here back from your Talent Acquisition Dept regarding my application?





Re: Customer Service Agent Part Time Position in HNL?.

Rising Star

I've never applied to work at Southwest but I read many of the posts here from those applying.  My understanding is that status updates for your application will post to your application portal.  The timing really seems job dependent, the longest report I've seen is for flight attendant applicants waiting over a year to start the interview process.  My guess is that you won't need to wait that long but that's just a guess.


Good luck!

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