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Customer Service Gate Agent

New Arrival

Hello, I am interested in the full time customer service gate agent position in San Diego, CA. How long does it take for applications to be looked over? I have 4 years of customer service experience and have performance and business training. Thank you!



Re: Customer Service Gate Agent

Rising Star



Once the application is submitted it could be a couple weeks to a year or longer (depending on job and number of applications are received) 


the best thing to do is watch your dashboard and watch your email (including spam folder) so you don't miss any communication from Southwest. Be patient it can take time don't freak out if it says received for a month or a few that is normal.  


If you are waiting for a position to open up I recommend creating a profile on the Southwest careers site and sign up for job alerts so they can email you when a position you may be interested in opens up.


hope this helps!