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Customer Service Qualification

Explorer C

Good morning.  I received an email stating that I did not qualify to move on to the next process for the Customer Service position I applied for.  I have over 20+ years of experience in customer service and 1 yr of at-home customer service.  How can I see why my application was rejected to proceed to the next round?  I contacted Southwest and I was told the recruiter would contact me.  I haven't heard anything.  What should I do?


Re: Customer Service Qualification

Aviator A

If I were you, I would reach out to Southwest again.


Edit add: Retired HR manager here - not at Southwest.



In general, you will find few companies that will share the reason why someone was not hired. It stands the potential of consuming huge amounts of time with people that have already dropped out of the process. Some people will want to debate the matter with recruiters - thus using an even larger slice of a recruiter's available time that would be  used  to find new employees. Recruiters tend to focus on those that are being hired instead. That is becoming more important since there are fewer "qualified" people applying for spots. That means recruiters have to work even harder. 


Thus, most companies will simply say 'thanks but no thanks."


Re: Customer Service Qualification


We appreciate you coming to the Southwest Careers forum to address this, and first would like to thank you for your interest in joining Southwest Airlines! I'm sorry to learn that you were not selected for the Customer Service position at this time. We are very fortunate to receive a high volume of interest for our roles, which can make them very competitive. I encourage you to set up job alerts for opportunities like this, join our Talent Community, and apply again in the future. You're also welcome to reach back out to your recruiter directly, but we are unable to provide specifics in this forum. We truly consider it an honor for you, and any candidate, to consider us a prospective place to work, and hope that you will continue to consider us in the future.

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Re: Customer Service Qualification

Explorer C

what a joke! I never applied, I only clicked the link to see what the questions might be. Instead I get canned message regretting that I wasn't hired.... SMDH.