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Re: Customer Support & Services Representative Update?

Adventurer A

@Mrsbrooks31 Thank you!! I got an email. I have alerts set up on my phone, so not only was I stalking my email on my laptop, I had my phone right next to me when I got the alert. I had seen someone post that they didn't see the email right away, so all the time slots were already taken. She emailed her recruiter, and the recruiter called her back to get it scheduled. I didn't want to take the chance of missing possible times, so I was on it! lol!

Re: Customer Support & Services Representative Update?

Adventurer C

@desmondrl lol…I understand I’m doing the same stalking my emails and text messages. I’m just waiting patiently for the email praying that I get the email soon. I Thank you 

Re: Customer Support & Services Representative Update?

Frequent Flyer C

Good Morning About2be! Thank you for the luv! I retired from Southwest four years ago, so I do still know a lot of the ins and outs of the company and I'm happy to share and help out. I already miss the amazing people and this awesome airline, so  I'm back on as a CS&S candidate. I'm also here to follow along and learn about the new hiring process and learn as much as I can about CS&S. So far it's been a fun and exciting experience! I've learned a lot from you directly through your posts and interaction, keep it up. Thanks again and have a great holiday weekend!