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Re: Customer service agent

Adventurer C

It's great that you applied for the ramp agent position. I feel like you will get a response from that department soon. Me on the other hand will move on to other positions at other places. Nobody here has helped me with my dilemma, especially the moderators, and it's leaving a bad taste in my mouth for me to never apply at Southwest again. It's been well over 2 months for me and it's still "in progress". Time to move on for me. But I wish you good luck in your phone interview. Make sure you're prepared for it. They will call you out of the blue without warning to have the phone interview. Study what southwest is about and why you want the job.

Re: Customer service agent

Frequent Flyer A

@James35 wrote:

I just put in a new application for the ramp agent at SWA hoping to at least hear from them.

You can expect to hear something from Southwest soon. I was called this afternoon to set up my phone interview.