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Customer support and service position

Explorer C

Hey everybody,


I applied for the customer support and service position within 5 minutes of it being open. I was then emailed to go the informational seminar that southwest provided which was over two and half weeks ago and that was the last I have heard from them. I know they were doing interviews by order in which you turned the application in. Does anybody know if they are done doing interviews? Will they call you or email you about the next step? Has anybody been able to email somebody from southwest about the Hiring process? Thanks for any information 


Re: Customer support and service position

Adventurer C

They are still conducting / scheduling interviews. They received over 20,000 applications so it's going to take them a bit to get through them. Have you checked the candidate portal to see if your application is in process? Also you will receive an email either way, whether you are chosen to move forward in the process or not. Best of luck to you. 

Re: Customer support and service position

Adventurer C

You’re not alone. I’m the same way but *fingers crossed*! Stay optimistic!

Re: Customer support and service position

Explorer A

Sign up for career connections info session every Tuesday at noon for more information. You can register on the careers website. I attended today and heard the are down to getting thru 20000 to 10000. Good luck and God speed!